Greater Puget Sound Higher Education Consortium
Education Fairs

Reaching Your Employees Through an Education Fair
The most efficient and effective way to heighten awareness of available educational opportunities for a company’s employees is through a GPSHEC Education Fair. These fairs are held on-site at a company or community organization, or in a building where multiple companies can take advantage of the service.

What an Education Fair Looks Like
At the fair, each member school has a table to display brochures and other institutional materials. Employees may visit one or multiple schools to gather information and speak with counselors about available educational opportunities.

Education fairs are typically held in company cafeterias, corporate lobbies or in other areas easily accessible to employees. Fairs are held on workdays, usually for three or four hours during peak times. For example, a typical fair would run from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

How Your Business or Organization Can Benefit From Hosting an Education Fair
Hosting an education fair is an easy way for a business or organization to demonstrate its interest in furthering the education of its employees. Instead of inviting individual schools to make separate presentations to employees on different dates throughout the year, hosting a single fair saves considerable time and effort while providing a focused, high-interest, educational event.

Setting Up an Education Fair
To set up a GPSHEC Education Fair at your company or organization, please click here. Our event coordinator will assist you in selecting a date and time for the fair. The host company provides the venue as well as table and chairs for each school. The Consortium will invite all of the member schools and provide the host company with a single coordinator/liaison to finalize details. While it is hoped that the company will publicize the event through its own internal channels, the Consortium is pleased to assist in event publicity with the preparation of fliers, display of signboards, and/or other means of promotion.